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January 8 2024

We are Back !!!

New Guests with the music we love from 80s Heavy Metal to 70s era Disco.

Miss a show? Show some love and listen to your favorite music and support our guests.


The Retro Radio LIVE®

Established in 2008 as a development show for Sirius Radio (Pre XM Merger) and in nine months dominated iTunes charts going to #1

With over 800 Actors Producers Musicians RRL was doing more then any other radio show.


We are now and always will always be radio in every sense of the word, we toured our first year with Wizard World from New Jersey Chicago Philadelphia Los Angeles Detroit.

We were and still are LIVE at 6pm Mon-Thursday and on the Road Friday and Saturday. When you love something so much you want to share it with the world.

C.Thomas Howell interview.

On a press junket, Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-Man C Thomas Howell was told not to indulge in any of the details of the film per his confidentiality agreement.

We spoke about The Outsiders and Soulman his marriage to Rae Dawn Chong daughter of Tommy Chong (Cheech and Chong) when our engineer asked "Hey aren't you in the new Spiderman"? and the floodgates opened.


Thats how many listeners we have and worked ourselves to the bone earning every single one of them.